A Full-Service Property Management and Short-Term Rental Service Company.

Central Florida Rentals & Management Inc. dba CFRM Villas is a full-service property management and short-term rental business working in the Four Corners area of Central Florida since 2005. We offer conscientious and professional management services to the absentee homeowner. Our well-trained and committed staff is your eyes and ears here in Central Florida. While you follow your pursuits in another part of the world, our company offers you peace of mind in looking after your property. All Team members are legal residents or citizens of the USA which means we are not going anywhere!

If investing in a vacation home in the greater Orlando area is an important life decision; no less important is your choice of a professional, conscientious Property Management and Short-Term rental company. CFRM Villas is one such company and I am pleased to offer our services to the Vacation Home buyer. My wife Lizzy, a licensed Realtor, and I started this business in 2005 and currently offer clients a one-stop investment experience under the same roof.

Motivated by a well-founded conviction that buying a vacation home in Central Florida makes excellent investment sense, our Rental Department can confidently offer an ROI second to none. Money is all but stagnant in the bank and the Stock Market is always a gamble. We provide buyers with tools, including an investment-overheads-returns calculator designed to help you make an informed decision before purchasing your vacation home. CFRM rental revenue for appropriately appointed vacation homes speaks volumes about our underlying confidence. Don’t hesitate to contact a member of our Team today for a free consultation!

You will find there are many challenges that go along with being an absentee Owner and we promise to take care of them for you so you can rest at ease about your Florida Vacation Property. Your Vacation Home should be a happy and prosperous experience. We promise you our best efforts on your behalf.

You’ll be glad you did!
Our basic management services include but are not limited to the following areas:

OWNER PORTAL: Owners have direct access to their account online. Here they can monitor the booking calendar, follow or add work orders and review their monthly statements of account.

FURNITURE PACKAGES: If you are a new homeowner or just looking to replace the furniture package in your vacation home, our qualified staff can offer you packages to fit your budget. Anna McCloskey has extensive experience decorating homes not only in the Orlando area but throughout the State of Florida as well. Contact Anna today at anna@cfrmvillas.com.

BILL PAYMENTS: CFRM makes prompt payment of all utility bills – electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable TV, Internet, as well as sales and tourist taxes for vacation rentals on behalf of the owner. Owners have the choice of making their own utility payments via direct bank debit.

LAWN CARE: First impressions are lasting impressions. For this reason, the lawn is mowed and edged on a weekly basis. Shrubs are pruned whenever needed. Weeds are also removed every week. Professionals inspect lawns once or twice a year at no additional cost to check for pest and bug damage. The irrigation system is monitored closely to ensure adequate watering of grass and shrubs and minimize the water bill. For an additional charge, we treat lawns for pests and apply fertilizer three or four times a year. The HOA may also handle lawn service.

POOL CARE: Since it is of utmost importance to maintain the pool pristine and safe for swimmers, our pool care team cleans the pool thoroughly on a weekly basis. Water is checked for chemical levels and the appropriate chemicals are applied. The pool deck and furniture are also washed every week. Should the need arise for extra cleanings during the week, as is the case when worms invade the pool in the rainy season, our pool care team will take care of the issue at no additional charge. Damaged or torn pool enclosure screens are replaced as needed. See price schedule for details.

PEST CONTROL: Due to Florida’s semi-tropical climate conditions, your home is treated on a monthly basis for pest control. If a house goes untreated, ants, spiders and cockroaches soon find their way into your property.

HOME ACCESS: For security reasons, only Schlage electronic keypad locks are used on the main door. This means that nobody gets a key. The access code is changed immediately after guests check out.

HOUSE CLEANING: Your home is carefully checked for any damaged or missing items and thoroughly cleaned immediately after guests’ departure. Bed linens and towels are laundered. Bathrooms are properly sanitized. Homes are inspected before guests’ arrival and again after check out to verify that no damage or abuse was caused to the property. Any damage or loss to the property during guests’ stay is charged directly to the guests, not the homeowner.

CARPET CLEANING: Keeping carpets clean in a vacation home is no easy task. For an additional charge, we have carpets professionally cleaned once a year. Should guests stain or damage the carpet during their stay, they will be charged accordingly.

AC AND POOL HEATER: We replace the A/C filter every two months or more frequently if needed in the summer months. The A/C and Pool heater units are professionally inspected and serviced twice a year.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: In keeping with Florida laws governing short-term rental homes, we ensure that your home is fitted with the appropriate fire extinguisher(s). We will ensure that the fire extinguisher is serviced and re-tagged annually. State Law requires us to hold in our office a smoke detector for the hearing impaired. Should a guest require use of this item, we provide it free of charge.

REPAIRS: Keeping your home and its belongings in good condition is very important to you and to us. Our frequent staff inspections of your home ensure that any necessary repairs or replacements are undertaken immediately. Damages caused to household items by guests will be charged to the guests’ security deposit. Replacement items due to wear and tear, such as towels, linens, pillows, kitchen equipment etc., are not covered by the guests’ security deposits. CFRM has its own in-house maintenance department which helps reduce the cost of most maintenance related issues.

MONTHLY STATEMENTS: At the beginning of each month, Homeowners will receive an itemized monthly statement of all inflows and outflows for the previous month. A property binder will be kept at the office with all statements, utility bills and invoices. This binder is available upon request at the office. The monthly statement also appears in the owner online portal.

RESERVATIONS: We will notify you, the owner, of all advance bookings for your home. Before confirming a booking of your own, it is your responsibility to check availability with our office. Once we have confirmed a reservation with you, the homeowner, any changes or cancellation requests made by yourself causing that booking to be moved may incur penalties if alternative accommodation cannot be found.

OWNER BOOKINGS: Homeowners are welcome to make bookings for their property at any time. However, it is important to check with Central Florida Rentals & Management Inc. to make sure the property is available.

GUEST SERVICES: CFRM offers guests 24/7 customer service for universally recognized emergencies. Most all issues that arise during a guests’ stay are handled during office hours.

COMMUNICATION: Our team at Central Florida Rentals & Management Inc. considers our relationship with homeowners as a working partnership. For this reason, we take pride in effective communication at all times. Phone calls are answered promptly during office hours and your observations and questions via email will receive our attention as promptly as humanly possible.